Help the birds and the environment, and enjoy a beautiful blooming native garden! 

Purchase native plants online now for pick up in mid to late May 2019*

Chicago Audubon Society Online Native Plant Sale offers a wide variety of perennials, shrubs and trees, which you can order online and pick up at your convenience. Proceeds of sale help to fund CAS’s successful bird conservation programs such as the push for a bird- friendly buildings ordinance.

CLICK HERE for information and to place your order.  (At the link, order the plants you want. At checkout, make sure "CAS 2019" auto populates in the discount box.)

Chicago Audubon Society is working with Natural Communities Native Plants to provide native plants from mostly local and some regional ecotypes for sale, many of which are difficult to find in the retail sector. Indigenous species have adapted to our local conditions over many centuries, growing naturally without fertilizers, supplemental irrigation or herbicides. Whether your landscape is sunny, shady or in between, there will be many perennials, shrubs and trees to choose from. Native plants provide food for pollinators, birds and other wildlife; shelter for wildlife— and they are beautiful.

Chicago Audubon will receive 10% on sales of plants, shrubs, trees

To receive your plants you have two options:

  1. For a fee you can have the plants shipped directly to your house.

  2. Free local pickup in Batavia. The plants would be planned to be ready in late May. Once you receive an email indicating the plants are ready, you can pick them up any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (This option risks less damage to your plants.)

    Make a day of it! There are many great birding sites near Batavia including Fermi Lab.

 *A few select plant species may not be ready until late spring or early summer and will not be ready for pick up in late May. This is unpredictable from year to year and is dependent upon the number of sunny days and temperatures we receive.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Bradt at (312) 203-4085 or


Header photo: Hummingbird, photo by Jerry Goldner