An Independent Voice for Nature

Chicago Audubon Society revised its mission in 2018. We have a renewed commitment to working with members, partners and the public to achieve the outcomes below. If you like what you see here, please join us!

All communities in our region understand, value and protect birds, other wildlife and habitat.

Chicago Audubon Society connects people with birds and nature through educational programming, field trips, advocacy, stewardship and research.

Problem-solving, collaborative, science-based, welcoming, inclusive, enthusiastic about learning and teaching about birds and nature.

Long Term Outcomes

  • All our diverse communities have access to habitats that support birds.

  • All our diverse communities have access to educational experiences that foster an understanding of bird biology, identification and conservation.

  • All our diverse communities engage in activities that promote bird welfare and healthy habitat.

  • Habitats in the CAS region support stable or increasing populations of nesting and migrating birds. 

  • Public policies reduce threats and protect habitat.

Header photo by Jerry Goldner