Photo: Tennessee Warbler by Carol Freeman

Chicago Audubon Society connects people with birds and nature through educational programming, field trips, advocacy, stewardship and research. 

We are a membership organization - a chapter of the National Audubon Society that covers Chicago, and Cook County suburbs except for northwest and far south.

Sister organizations that we support include the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and Bird Friendly Chicago.

Our members enjoy observing, studying, conserving and advocating for local native birds and other wildlife.


Bird seed sale

Chicago Audubon’s annual birdseed sale is underway! Your purchases directly support Chicago Audubon’s educational outreach and programs enriching birds and the environment.

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bird collision monitors

Each year more than 5,000 collision injured birds are recovered from a relatively small area downtown. Bright lights atop buildings and reflective mirrored windows are hazards for birds trying to migrate through Chicago.

Report injured birds to Chicago Bird Collision Monitors hotline: 773-988-1867.

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Annual Appeal

Please consider donating to Chicago Audubon's Annual Appeal. Your contribution will support our important on-going educational events and programs throughout the coming year.