Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 7:00am


~ Saturday, June 3, Sagawau Valley Preserves ~

Sagawau Environmental Learning Center

12545 West 111th St. in Lemont


~ Saturday, June 17, Palos Preserves ~

Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center

9800 Willow Springs Rd. in Willow Springs

You Can Register here!

This June 3 and 17, birders of all levels will set out across the hilly woods and prairies of the Palos and Sag Valley Preserves in search of songbirds, raptors and waterfowl. We’re looking for experienced birders to lead teams, guides who know the area and as many participants as possible to help spot birds and tally sightings. If you’re interested in birds and nature (even if you can't tell a sparrow from a cardinal), we’re hoping you’ll join us!

Bird counting will start early (around 7 or 8 am, though some groups may start later) and go until lunchtime. Small teams of three or four will venture out to cover a unique territory, then return to the designated Nature Center at 11 am to compare sightings at a festive countdown lunch.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County has identified the Palos and Sag Valley Preserves — together the largest preserve complex in Cook County — as being among its top priorities for restoration. These preserves are known for their interesting, diverse bird life. Results from these dual blitzes will be added to other local records to fill out ecologists’ picture of the area and help them better manage biodiversity with resident bird populations in mind.

Start times and meeting locations will be available from team leaders after registration. Come to one or both dates, and bring friends — our goal is to count every bird in the Palos and Sag Valley Preserves.

TO REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT, click here or call (773) 539-6793.

 The Double Bird Blitz, part of the #birdthepreserves program, is a joint project of Chicago Audubon Society and the Forest Preserves of Cook County and is sponsored by the Bobolink Foundation. Bird the Preserves is supported through the Forest Preserve Foundation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

 Orchard Orioles (Male & Female).  Photos by Jerry Goldner.



The American Bird Conservancy and the Chicago Audubon Society

need your help protecting all birds in and passing through Illinois!


The Illinois Senate recently passed a bill that would siphon money away from proven programs that help the state’s low-income pet owners and instead use those funds to maintain colonies of feral cats in Illinois’ parks and neighborhoods. This bill would authorize the systematic abandonment of cats throughout the state and is a threat to the health and welfare of people, birds, and other wildlife.

Cats make wonderful pets, but these non-native predators have contributed to the extinction of 63 species and annually kill 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals in the United States. They are the greatest source of direct, human-caused mortality to birds in the United States and Canada.  
Feral cats also transmit harmful parasites and diseases such as hookworms, typhus, and cat-scratch disease. Even worse, cats are consistently the top carrier of rabies among domestic animals and are the definitive host of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. Permitting hordes of feral cats to roam our parks and neighborhoods is an unnecessary risk to human health.
The state should not be in the business of promoting and subsidizing colonies of feral cats -- it should be safeguarding our families and wildlife!
 Contact your State Representative to voice your support
for responsible cat management,
and tell him or her to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 641!
Thank you!


Chicago Audubon's 2nd Annual Spring Photo Contest

Chicago Audubon Society (CAS) is happy to announce the 2nd Annual Chicago Audubon Spring Photo Contest. All levels of photography experience are invited to join us! If you are not already a member, send a request to join CAS's Public Group on Facebook at all your favorite bird photos of the 2017 Spring migration during the month of May. The winning photos must have been taken and posted during the month of May 2017. We will be featuring numerous images throughout the month on our two Facebook pages, the CAS Public Group & CAS Home Page. 

To enter the contest you will be required to repost your ONE favorite photo with the tag #CAS from June 1st to June 4th. Multiple entries will be passed over. Please no photos of nesting birds, owls or pileated woodpeckers. We want this to be a positive experience for all! The winning images will need to be sent to CAS in full resolution for publication in the CAS Compass Newsletter. We recommend 240+ dpi for the best online quality. The winning photos will be announced on the CAS Facebook pages on Monday, June 12th.

Prizes To Be Awarded

1st Place:  The Museum of Science & Industry "Household Membership"

2nd Place:  Six daily passes to the Morton Arboretum

3rd Place:  Chicago Botanic Garden's "Day in the Garden Package"


Chicago Audubon 2017 Awards Banquet and Annual Members Meeting

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2017 Chicago Audubon Environmental Awards!

 On March 25, Chicago Audubon presented Awards to honor those who have made contributions to conservation, the protection of migratory birds and other wildlife, and have helped to conserve, preserve, and enhance the varied habitats and open spaces of the greater Chicago region. The Awards ceremony took place March 25 at the Silver Stallion Restaurant in Des Plaines. To see a complete list of the categories awarded and their recipients, please go to the March-April issue of the Compass newsletter:  compass_marapr2017 (7).pdf

We Congratulate the Awardees!

From left to right:  Matt Cvetas, John Rogner, Josh Coles, Jeff Skrentny, John Navin, Steve Flexman, Chicago Audubon President Dave Willard, Jill Flexman, Bob Fisher, Kathy Andrews Wright, Henry Griffin, Libby Hill and Josh Engel.     ~ Photo by Heidi Tarasiuk ~


"Urban Nature" -- WTTW Video featuring Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

Chicago Audubon is proud to announce a video produced by WTTW featuring Annette Prince of Chicago Bird Collision Monitors & The Chicago Audubon Society, Doug Stotz of The Field Museum, Rose Augustine of Willowbrook Wildlife Center and Architect Jeanne Gang. Chicago Audubon Board member and photographer, Jerry Goldner, donated the bird videos to the project.

"BUILDING A BIRD-SAFE CITY" urbannature/building-bird- safe-city#!/


From the American Bird Conservancy and Chicago Audubon





We are at critical moment for birds! The Endangered Species Act (ESA)—one of our bedrock environmental laws—is under attack in Congress. Leaders of key environmental committees in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have identified weakening the ESA as a top priority. This may be the single best opportunity ever for our community to stand together for birds and defend the ESA. Please sign and share the petition to show your support for bird conservation and help preserve the progress we have made in recent decades. Threats to the ESA can be halted—but only if everyone who cares about birds and other wildlife makes their voices heard. Please add your voice to these very important efforts. The following link will take you to the American Bird Conservancy's page which contains the petition:
(Photo credits, left to right: Bald Eagle by Greg and Jan Ritchie;
Northern Cardinal by Bonnie Taylor Barry;
Blackburnian Warbler by Paul Reeves Photography;
Burrowing Owls by Tania Thomson, all from Shutterstock)



Arguably the most important thing we can do for bird conservation is mentor the next generation to love and value the natural world. Children are the future birders, scientists, artists and voters. Please take a look at the information in the link below about a program that has a great track record of working with children in Chicago to get them out of their classrooms into their neighborhoods to study and appreciate common city birds like cardinals, robins and goldfinches. The program relies on volunteers who are trained to be classroom and neighborhood guides. Consider whether this is something you might want to do and sign up now for the next training session. If you do decide to participate in this program let us know. We would like to write a story for the this website and for our newsletter, the Compass, about Chicago Audubon's educational efforts. Thank you for considering it. Everyone is very very busy, but busy people make time for important things.



To the Volunteers and Friends of Montrose Beach Dunes
Your Help is Needed!
The dunes sleep in peaceful dormancy under a fresh blanket of snow, but folks are already busy preparing for next year’s growing season. Advocates for better security and enforcement of city ordinances and regulations at Montrose have put together a petition at the link below. If you have not already received this, please open the link, read the letter and add your signature and comment. It’s very important! The petition has only been circulating for a few days but is already almost halfway to its goal of 2,000 signatures. It will be shared with various governmental agencies and officials (the Chicago Park District, its Board of Commissioners, the Chicago Police Department, the city Animal Care and Control Department, etc.), and it will help achieve the protection, health, and security our Montrose natural areas, beach, and recreational areas deserve.

Chicago Audubon Annual Appeal 2016

  ~~ ANNUAL APPEAL 2016  ~~

Your donation to our 2016 Annual Appeal will help us to achieve our on-going goals of protecting migratory birds, the restoration and protection of bird habitat and habitat for all wildlife, and educating the public about the importance of these goals. Please click here if you would like to donate using you credit card. If you prefer, you may call our office to speak to the Administrator and make a charge over the phone (773-539-6793). If you reach voice mail, please  leave a message with your name and phone number (only), and the Administrator will return your call. Another option would be to donate by mailing a check made out to Chicago Audubon Society to our address at:  Chicago Audubon Society, 5801-C North Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL  60646. If you have any questions, please call ourr office at the number just above.

We thank you for your timely support and for your support in the past!




We wish to extend many, many thanks to

Good Earth Greenhouse in River Forest and to Nature House in Chicago

for hosting our pickup day for our bird seed sale in 2016.

Without your help and the help of all of our wonderful Volunteers,

this sale would not be possible!

We look forward to seeing you all again this coming Autumn.

Keep an eye on our website in early September

for publication of deadlines and pickup date.

Good Birding to all!



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