Compass Newsletter Archive 2015 - 2018


Compass - November-December 2018 (PDF)

Our lead feature tells you what CAS is doing to make Chicago A Safer City for Birds, including the formation of a new alliance, Bird Friendly Chicago, and FAQs for a proposed Bird-Friendly Building Ordinance.

Compass - September-October 2018 (PDF)

In this issue you'll find complete information and ordering instructions for our annual bird seed sale, articles about the CBCM hotline and how to keep your feeders safe and sanitized for birds, plus our Calendar of Events including notice of our September program, Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom in Children’s Literature (you won't want to miss it). We hope you enjoy the issue!

Compass - July-August 2018 (PDF)

Read a profile of photographer Emil Baumbach, winner of CAS's 3rd Annual Photo Contest, plus our Calendar of Events, notice of our September program, Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom in Children’s Literature (you won't want to miss it), and a book review of the fascinating Saving Tarboo Creek: One Family’s Quest to Heal the Land

Compass - May-June 2018 (PDF)

Important information about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act; winners of the Third Annual Chicago Audubon Photo Contest; announcement about future delivery of newsletter issues; summer calendar of events with a peek at the fall events.

COMPASS - March-April 2018 (PDF)

"Camping with the Birds"; Return of the River Otter; Birding America XII; photographing Bald Eagle nests.

Compass - January-February 2018 (PDF)

BIRDING AMERICA XII - Saturday, March 10, 2018. Description, roster of speakers, complete registration form. Don't miss this exciting all-day symposium for birders of all levels. Beginning birders are encouraged to attend. 


COMPASS - November-December 2017

What birds do to survive the winter; announcement of Birding America XII coming on Saturday, March 10; late fall bird walks and events.

Compass - September-October 2017

Details of the Chicago Audubon annual Bird Seed Sale--quality seed for excellent prices; information about Chicago Audubon's first seed collection events--to take place at Camp Pine Woods in Glenview; details of October's "Big Month" bird walks and species counts.

COMPASS - July-August 2017

Chicago Audubon Declaration of Support for the Paris Climate Accord; article about the dangers of fishing line for birds; winners of the Second Annual Chicago Audubon photo contest. 

Compass - May-June 2017

Birdathon! 2017, May 13 and 14 --  Join a team and have some fun counting birds, raise money for Chicago Audubon programs and goals! Read about Chicago Audubon's 2nd Annual Spring Photo Contest, and enjoy a book review about a wonderful book, Flora of the Chicago Region.

COMPASS - March-April 2017

Details of the 2017 Environmental Awards Banquet, Membership Meeting and evening's program; upcoming Chicago Audubon Program on Jackson Park; bird monitor training.

COMPASS - January-February 2017 _ failed bad cert

Read details of Chicago Audubon's March 25 Awards Banquet, list of Awardees and Members Meeting. After the Members Meeting, the evening's program, "The Ghosts of Conservation" will be given by Chicago Audubon Board Member John Elliot, an unusual program that contains a few surprises! The Banquet will take place at the Silver Stallion Restaurant in Des Plaines.


COMPASS - November-December 2016 (PDF)

Read about the 117th Annual Christmas Bird Count, Why Native Plants are Better for Birds and People, and upcoming events. 

COMPASS - September-October 2016 (PDF)

Chicago Audubon's annual bird seed sale. Order deadline: October 13.

COMPASS - July-August 2016 (PDF)

Winners of Chicago Audubon's First Annual Photo Contest; The Migratory Bird Treaty Act over 100 years of helping migratory birds survive; #birdthepreserves continues. 

COMPASS - May-June 2016

Birdathon! 2016 - coming Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15 - Chicago Audubon's annual two-day bird count; details of how to participate in five different categories. And the continuation of #birdthe preserves within the Cook County Forest Preserve Districts! 

COMPASS - March-April 2016 (PDF)


COMPASS - January-February 2016

The Birding America XI Symposium is coming March 19, an all-day symposium of exciting topics. You can register online!


Compass - November-December 2015 (PDF)

Featured:  The Birding America XI Conference will take place on March 19, 2016; the Great Crested Flycatcher; Whooping Crane protocols.

Compass - September-October 2015

It's time for our yearly sale of birdseed!

Compass - July-August 2015 (PDF)

Featured: The Osprey, Magnificent Hawk and Extraordinary Parent

Compass - May-June 2015 (PDF)

Chicago Audubon Program, Namibia and Botswana on May 12. And Birdathon! 2015 is coming in May. 

Compass - March-April 2015 (PDF)

Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting

Compass January-February 2015 (ODF)

Featured:  Wild Things Conference, January 2015; Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting, March 2015.