Chicago Audubon Society Board

President Judy Pollock; jpbobolink@gmail.com

Vice President (pending)

Treasurer Jessica Johnson; towerlobbyfloor@ gmail.com

Secretary Annette Prince; aprincecbcm2@msn.com

Committee Chairs

Awards Alan Anderson; casresearch@comcast.net

Bird Seed Sale Chris Van Wassenhove; cmvwchic@gmail.com

Conservation Judy Pollock; jpbobolink@gmail.com

Field Trips John Elliott; johnelliott4@gmail.com

Nominating Alan Anderson; casresearch@comcast.net

Director CBCM Annette Prince; info@birdmonitors.net

Judy Pollock

Judy is active in several bird conservation, community science and habitat restoration projects in the Chicago area. She helped to found the Bird Conservation Network and the BCN Survey, and served as Director of Bird Conservation at Audubon Chicago Region. She first joined the CAS board in the late 90’s, and rejoined in 2014.

Annette Prince

Annette Prince has served on the Chicago Audubon Society board since 2005.  She is the director of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors migratory bird conservation project.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller has been an avid birder for over 25 years and a volunteer docent at The Field Museum (giving tours in the birds halls) for over 15 years.  She has been on the board of Chicago Audubon Society since 2014, focusing on membership, our biennial Birding America conference, and our new Camping with the Birds event.

Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson has been an active member of the Chicago Audubon Society for more than forty years, first joining the board in 1978. In that time he has led numerous bird walks and field trips, and he has contributed to many research studies, contributing to the protection and enhancement of bird habitat, and bird and wildlife education.

Jeffrey Sanders

Jeffrey Sanders has been a board member since 1998, and was formerly the field trip chairman.

John Elliott was a naturalist and education manager for the Forest Preserves of Cook County before joining the CAS board.

John Elliot