Bird Friendly Chicago

Have a problem window?

There are many attractive new products that can help you make your windows safe for birds. These two partner organizations maintain current product lists with links:

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

American Bird Conservancy

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has an excellent best practice guide to reducing bird collisions with thorough explanations and a bibliography.

From the Bird Friendly Chicago website:

Members of the Chicago birding community created a working group for the advancement of a bird-friendly building ordinance for the city of Chicago.  Representatives from Chicago Audubon Society, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, Chicago Ornithological Society and Illinois Ornithological Society have formed "Bird Friendly Chicago", an alliance to promote a safer urban environment for birds through improved lighting, landscaping and glass features of buildings. Partner organizations and individuals are invited to join our efforts.

Advocate for a bird-friendly building ordinance in Chicago by contacting elected officials and/or signing our declaration

The Problem: Our beautiful city is killing birds in staggering numbers.

For thousands of years, birds have migrated in impressive numbers through the Chicago region.

Only in the last six or seven decades have birds had to contend with a new deadly peril—bright, shiny cities with confusing canyons of light and glass. The lights of our cities draw birds in. Once here, they fall victim to an unmoving and unseen menace—glass windows and facades.

The numbers are staggering. In North America alone, it is estimated that as many as 1 billion birds—yes, 1,000,000,000!—are killed each year by collisions with buildings. In just the Chicago Loop, more than 26,000 dead birds were collected over a ten-year period - and many more deaths were undetected.

It's not a small problem... but we can do much much better.

Art courtesy of Miranda Brandon