Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

Migratory Bird Rescue and Protection

It is estimated that a billion birds die and countless others are injured each year in North America as a result of window collisions!

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBCM) is an all-volunteer conservation project dedicated to the protection of migratory birds through rescue, advocacy and outreach.

CBCM works to protect and recover migratory birds that are killed and injured in the downtown Chicago area each spring and fall migration. Confusing lights and glass building design cause thousands of birds migrating along the lakefront to collide with downtown buildings. Our teams spend the early morning hours recovering these birds to save the injured and document the fatalities that have occurred.

We promote bird-safe lighting and building design to reduce bird collision hazards. Our project collaborates with building management, architects, planners and the public to prevent bird collisions.

CALL 773 988 1867 to report an injured bird.

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