Orland Grassland

This large tract of grassland, shrubland, open woods and marshes is used by a variety of birds throughout the year.

Many grassland birds of concern, such as the Henslow’s sparrow, bobolink, dickcissel, field sparrow, eastern meadowlark and others are found at Orland. More than 100 bird species are counted each year at the volunteer bird count, including warblers, dunlins, phalaropes, sora rails, orchard orioles and eastern kingbirds. Harriers and Cooper’s hawks circle in the sky, and migrating sandhill cranes have stopped over in good numbers. 

Long-eared and Short-eared Owls have been seen here in winter, Alder Flycatchers and Bell’s Vireos in spring and Bobolinks, Henslow’s Sparrows and Grasshopper Sparrows during the summer.

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County has a long-term restoration program underway to improve the habitat for grassland birds.

FPDCC Orland Grassland web page

10400 West 179th Street, Orland Park, IL