The City Dark

The City Dark Ian Cheney’s 2011 award winning documentary – The City Dark – gives audiences an appreciation of what is being lost as we live in a world that is increasingly filled with light pollution. Besides no longer being able to enjoy stars in a night sky or inquire about the cosmos by peering deep into space – there are real dangers to human health and the well-being of the planet when we live in a 24-hour light cycle.

Migratory birds fatally attracted to urban lighting, baby turtles disoriented and confused by beach front lights are all victims of the rapid introduction of excessive outdoor lighting that has occurred in just the last generation. Changing light in the environment is altering habitat in a way that is not good for nature and humans.

This film “brings to light” an important issue with beautiful photography and interviews with scientists, citizens and conservationists. It features work done in Chicago by Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, The Field Museum and Willowbrook Wildlife Center to study, raise awareness and remediate the hazards of lights for birds.

View the trailer here!

See The City Dark as it tours festivals in the U.S. this year. Annette Prince of Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and Chicago Audubon Society will lead a post-screening discussion of light reduction efforts in Chicago!