Double Bird Blitz in the Palos & Sag Valley Preserves

It’s back … Double Bird Blitz in the
Palos & Sag Valley Preserves.
Any day in June, 2018
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Last June, birders found 5,478 birds of 108 species in the hilly woods and prairies of the Palos and Sag Valley Preserves ... but we think there are more! We had the state-threatened Black-billed Cuckoo, the county's only June records for Prairie Warbler and Ring-necked Duck, 36 Orchard Orioles, and so much more! This June, we're going to beat that number. If you blitzed with us last year but want to spend more time in your section, please do! And if you didn't blitz with us last year but have spent the whole year regretting it - this is your big chance. Experienced birders can volunteer to cover a section that was not blitzed last year. 
To register for a section, click here or call (773) 539-6793.
Anyone can join one of our two field trips taking place on June 1 and June 10.
See calendar on left side of this homepage for details.
2018 Double Bird Blitz